Goerli/Prater Merge Announcement | Ethereum Foundation Blog

For the last testnet proof-of-stake transition, Goerli will merge with Prater. The combined Goerli/Prater network will…

Academic Grants Round grantee announcement

We are thrilled to announce the 39 grantees selected for the recent Academic Grants Round. This…

Sepolia Post-Merge Upgrade Announcement | Ethereum Foundation Blog

The Sepolia testnet will undergo a post-merge execution layer (EL) upgrade at block 1735371, expected on…

Finalized no. 36 | Ethereum Foundation Blog

tl;dr Merge sequence engaged 🚀 Mainnet Merge incoming Yesterday on the Consensus Layer call, client engineers…

Mainnet Merge Announcement | Ethereum Foundation Blog

Ethereum is moving to proof-of-stake! The transition, known as The Merge, must first be activated on…

Finalized no. 37 | Ethereum Foundation Blog

~20 days until the Merge 🚀 tl;dr Merge Data Challenge 🧪📊 In preparation for the imminent…

Translating the Ethereum Foundation blog

Since the first post in December 2013, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) blog has been the primary…

Ethereum Protocol Fellowship: The Third Cohort

Do you enjoy solving interesting and challenging problems? Are you interested in getting involved at the…

Allocation Update: Q1 and Q2 2022

Community & education Blockchain Pachuca Meetup Blockchain Pachuca First meetup for a community group based in…

Kiln Shutdown Announcement | Ethereum Foundation Blog

The Merge is happening soon! This post explains how and when the upgrade will happen, along…

The Devcon VI Manual | Ethereum Foundation Blog

Welcome to Devcon! This is your Devcon VI Manual, and it includes everything you need to…

Announcing the EF Fellowship Program, Cohort #2

Things are looking up for Ethereum. Now that The Merge is complete, a huge weight (measured…

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