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CryptoGames Review: Spin the Wheel and Win Big with Roulette!

As many of you have already known, CryptoGames is an online casino that hosts hundreds of enthusiastic gamblers from literally all corners of the world. The casino is widely famous for its inventory of all up-to-date Cryptocurrencies and eight great casino games. It is said that all of the games you will find at this particular casino consistently provide you with the utmost entertainment. We had to check it for ourselves and let you know if it is indeed true. From what we have learned and concluded after utilizing a good number of hours behind the games, if you are new to gambling, then CryptoGames is the one for you. And if you are an experienced player in online casinos, you will be thrilled to experience the first-class architectures of the games.

For today’s game review, Roulette is our number one pick. So, read on and find out more about CryptoGames’ version of the hottest game featured in all movies about casinos!

Let’s Play Roulette:

Translated from the French word “roulette”, the name of the game means “A little Wheel”. The game is simple and is seemingly a slower-paced game that polishes the wagering skills of any beginner-level Gambler.

Roulette is one of those famous games that you cannot simply miss in a movie shot that includes casinos and fervent gambling. So, whenever someone speaks of classic films like Indecent Proposal, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, or Diamonds are Forever, the unforgettable “Roulette” scenes indeed flash in our minds. However, despite its popularity, it is sadly true that the game of Roulette has not been recognized as much as the games of Slot, Blackjack, or Poker. Although it is known to be very popular in European Casinos, Roulette has not been able to gain a significant following in places like Vegas. Hence, we took it as our responsibility to check out CryptoGames’ Roulette and deliver the best beginner-friendly game to you, even if it is an online version.

CryptoGames’ Take on the Game:

Roulette at CryptoGames is made to carry simple rules and guidelines for all players. However, we must add that the more you dig deeper into the game, high complexity will need your complete dedication, which made us more determined to review the game from all sides so that you can play with ease.

CryptoGames’ refashioned variant of “European Roulette” is played on a 37-number wheel, with only one zero. Since Roulette is a game of luck, its resulting payout depends on various factors, such as the numbered partitions and the neighbor bets you choose. Experienced Roulette players advise that players should always try to mix and match different calculations for the betting mat. This way, you will not have to rely on the predetermined bets and instead be able to form your strategies.

The payout table for the European variant is the same as in the American variant. However, with only one zero on the wheel, the house edge is cut down by half. This means the house edge for the European variant is 2.70%, where the American variant calls for 5.40%.

As we have mentioned, Roulette is a straightforward game. But for those who have less experience regarding any casino games, it can be tricky to understand the outline of the game’s objectives. So, we have prepared a simple guideline that you can follow!

How to get started with Roulette:

Instant Registration: 

CryptoGames has a super-fast registration process that only requires you to set up your account with a username! This allows every player to get instant access to the casino with the freedom to make or add changes to their account later. Hence, you will be able to start playing quite instantly. However, we recommend you entirely set up your account once you have explored the games once. This way, you can also get verified and gain permission to deposit or withdraw your funds anytime you wish.

Get Started!

  1. Like you would for any other games at the casino, start by choosing your denomination of chips. The chips come in sums of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000. Then place your bets on the betting mat. Remember your total bet will be equal to the number of chips you have placed on the mat. Meaning, if you have placed one chip of 10 on the mat, then your total bet will be 10. And if you put five chips of 10 and 1 chip of 100, then your total bet will be 150.
  2. You can also choose to place your chips using the predefined bets option. This feature is found right beside the “Total Bets” Tab as “Neighbor Bets”. There are a total of 4 different predefined bets. They are Neighbours of Zero, Orphans, Third of the Wheel, and Zero Game.
  3. Once you have completed your placing of chips, press the “Spin” button. Then you will see a small ball spin around the wheel.


Massive Payouts:

Playing roulette at CryptoGames can help you multiply your bets up to 35 times through one single bet. CryptoGames uses the following payout table:

Odd Numbers (Impair) 1:1
Even Numbers (Pair) 1:1
Black Numbers (Noir) 1:1
Red Numbers (Rouge) 1:1
Column bet 2:1
Single Number / Straight 35:1
Split (2 numbers) 17:1
Street (3 numbers) 11:1
Corner / Square (4 numbers) 8:1
Six line / Double Street (6 numbers) 5:1

1 to 18 (Low, Manque) 1:1
19 to 36 (High, Passe) 1:1
1 to 12 (P12, first dozen) 2:1
13 to 24 (M12, second dozen) 2:1
25 to 36 (D12, third dozen) 2:1

Make the Best Use of These Strategies! 

While checking out the ins and outs of the game, we came across the following strategies, which helped us a lot to try to form some of our own!


This strategy originates from Roulette and is one of the most valuable strategies in the casino world. The strategy involves betting on a 1:1 payout bet type such as red or black. In case of a loss, players must double their bet. The players are to continue doubling their bets on consecutive losses until they win. This way, they can win their original bet amount. Note that this simple strategy comes with the risk of long-losing streaks and busting.


Unlike Martingale, this one is a safer betting strategy, especially if you are new to betting. Since bet size does not rapidly increase on losses, you will be safe from huge losses. The strategy is meant to be applied to 1:1 payout bets. It works by increasing your betting amount by 1 unit of your choice. Meaning you increase 0.001 coins on a win and decrease by 0.001 coins on a loss.

This means with each playtime; your profit equals the number of bets you have made. The con for this strategy is, due to the house-edge or green number “0,” you may run into more losses than wins.

There is no doubt that these strategies are fantastic for anyone willing to take risks. But we also recommend players build their strategy. Practicing these strategies can guide them to figure out the best odds for themselves.

Aim for Progressive Jackpots for Bigger Prizes!

To revamp their model of Roulette, CryptoGames has added Progressive Jackpots for two of their games. Blackjack and Roulette. Down below, we have listed the conditions you must aim to meet in order to win the jackpots!

  • Roll 7 four times consecutively in a row with the same currency
  • All bets placed are profitable meaning the return amount is more than the bet amount

As a prize, you have a chance of winning 100% of the Jackpot if the total winning amount on all your consecutive four bets is above 24,250,000.0000 PlayMoney. If the total win amount is lower, you will still receive a share of the Jackpot, with the minimum amount set to 1%. For that, bet amount and profit on all four bets need to be at least 4,850.00000000 PlayMoney. If your win amounts vary on four bets, you will receive a Jackpot that equals the win amount on your lowest bet.

Begin A New Experience of Mastering the game of Roulette Today!

This review has been created with all the information we could retrieve and details we could pinpoint from our Roulette experience at CryptoGames. We hope you can see that we have nothing but the best things to say about it! Now we can only hope that you take your time to build interest to check out CryptoGames’ variant of the game and share your pleasant experience with others!



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