As Bitcoin and Ethereum continue rally, capitulation severity has lessened

Definition Net Unrealized Profit/Loss is the difference between Relative Unrealized Profit and Relative Unrealized Loss. This…

Bitcoin Miner Sales Slump to Three Year Lows as Capitulation Risks Fade – What Does This Mean For The BTC Price

According to data cited by Bitfinex analysts earlier this week, Bitcoin miners are slowing the pace…

Bitcoin hash rate surpasses another ATH, Hash Ribbon indicates miner capitulation is over

Definition Hash rate is defined as the average estimated number of hashes per second produced by…

BTC Hash Ribbon indicator signals miner capitulation could be almost over

Bitcoin (BTC) holders had it tough in 2022, but it was an even tougher year for…

Bitcoin Miner Capitulation Is An Exaggerated Fear: Analyst

Jaran Mellerud of Hashrate Index recently released a ‘comprehensive analysis’ on the thesis that a Bitcoin…

CZ, SBF trade jabs in Twitter feud; Bitcoin firmly in capitulation phase

The biggest news in the cryptoverse for Dec. 9 includes a Twitter sparring between  Binance CEO…

Analysis of on-chain metrics suggests Bitcoin is firmly in capitulation phase

Since June, Bitcoin (BTC) – and the general market subsequently – has been in capitulation, other…

BTC records Largest capitulation as SOPR hits lowest since 2018

The  Adjusted Spent Output Profit Ratio (aSOPR), a metric that indicates whether holders are selling at…

Hash Ribbon Reversal Signals Bitcoin Miner Capitulation Phase

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are feeling the effects of the negative trends occurring in the market.…

Bitcoin Miner Capitulation Is In Full Effect, How Long Will It Last?

The collapse of the crypto exchange FTX is causing a historic event in the Bitcoin market.…

BTC hash ribbon upcoming convergence signals miner capitulation

Bitcoin (BTC) hash ribbon indicators are often used to identify and catch BTC bottoms as the…

Bitcoin Capitulation Deepens As aSOPR Metric Plunges To Dec 2018 Lows

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin aSOPR metric has dropped to lows not seen since December 2018,…

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