ConsenSys launches institutional staking marketplace on MetaMask

ConsenSys has produced the very first staking marketplace for companies on the MetaMask Institutional website3 wallet.…

ConsenSys updates ETH holders on staked withdrawals

Main Ethereum (ETH) blockchain computer software company ConsenSys has given a specific update on the hugely…

24% of New Tokens in 2022 Similar to Pump-and-Dump Schemes, Mercuryo & ConsenSys Reveal Integration within MetaMask, Unstoppable Domains & Opera Expand Partnership

Source: AdobeStock / Rafael Henrique Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news –…

ConsenSys faces audit at shareholder request

Ethereum development firm ConsenSys will be audited at the request of its shareholders, according to a…

Genesis reportedly preps for bankruptcy filing; ConsenSys plans layoffs

The biggest news in the cryptoverse for Jan. 18 saw rumors circulate suggesting that Genesis is…

ConsenSys CEO confirms layoffs, firm to focus on scaling core offerings

ConsenSys Advisory, Development, Education, Technology, Venture Capital Company in North America ConsenSys is a venture production…

MetaMask privacy concerns, ConsenSys responds to the backlash

On Dec. 5, CryptoSlate ran an article on privacy concerns related to the use of MetaMask…

Goldman Sachs Reportedly to Spend Millions on Crypto Companies, US FTC Investigating Crypto Firms, ConsenSys Releases Data Collection Update

Source: AdobeStock / alison Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news – investigating…

Alchemy joins ConsenSys and Infura in collecting user’s private information

Other RPC providers, such as Alchemy, Moralis, and QuickNode, have also stated that they collect personal…

ConsenSys updates policy to collect IP addresses from MetaMask

MetaMask developer ConsenSys updated its privacy policy on Nov. 24 to start tracking MetaMask users’ IP…

ConsenSys collecting IP and Ethereum addresses of MetaMask users

Ethereum software solutions provider ConsenSys just recently updated its privacy policy. However, these new additions bring…

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