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The Andy Milonakis NFT Show, EP. 7 – Our Hero Reaches The Edge Of The Abyss

Tonight, on The Andy Milonakis NFT Show: Our hero is now a respectable member of the NFT community. He’s active in the space, warns people about scams, and denounces spam. He proposes ideas and does giveaways through his popular Twitch stream. Something’s got to give. If you know this man, you know Milonakis is gearing up for tremendous irresponsibility. This man is a ticking timebomb.

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That being said, let’s start this week’s The Andy Milonakis NFT Show with a gift. 

As frequent viewers know, Milonakis has been trying to get a hardware wallet for a while now. He couldn’t get the other brand to work, so this brand snook in and took the publicity. Problem solved.

Anyway, here’s the show’s theme song as the credits roll.

Andy Milonakis, A Stand Up Member Of The NFT Community

Andy Milonakis protects and gives a timeless piece of advice, “never type in your seed/phrases to anyone.” Never. Under any circumstances. 

Andy Milonakis denounces spam when he sees it.

And he does it again.

Not only that, he seconds proposals to regulate the space and sends ideas of his own. He wants other folders “besides just “favorites” because that doesn’t move the NFT.” This man’s working for all of you.

Plus, Milonakis corrects members of the community and their misguided calls to action.“By saying “seals give AM some love” it’s encouraging people to spam me on top of the hundreds of other spam messages I get every day.”

We’ve been monitoring his tweets for the last month, and he does get hundreds of spam messages. Under every tweet.

Besides spam, Milonakis is very generous with the love he gives to projects in the space.

Ok, he invested in those projects. That’s another characteristic of the NFT space. It requires a community, but NFTs also incentivize the formation of said community by giving all of its members skin in the game. If a project catches fire, all of the project’s NFT holders benefit. 

ETHUSD price chart for 10/07/2021 - TradingView

ETH price chart for 10/07/2021 on Exmo | Source: ETH/USD on

Milonakis Vs. The Internet Mall Cops

This is not going to stop. Every time Milonakis sells a piece, he gets called “paper hands” by someone. 

In episode 5, he dedicated a whole video to the cyber mall cops. This time, he does one better.

In episode 6 we told you there was something big coming with Andy and the Borpacasso project, and here it is. A feature in the animated series that accompanies the NFT collection, in which Andy trashes the cyber mall cops. “Disclosure – not a paid gig, just a fan of the series, although they said they would make me an honorary non series borpa.

Good Ideas And An Aniversary

Ok, so hear Andy out:

According to the comments, a lot of people and teams are working on similar ideas. You heard it first here, though. Remember that.

Then, Andy tried to abandon us by creating a separate account just to talk about NFTs. “I’m still gonna talk about bigger things in the space on my main account, but i wanna give my old school followers some rest with non stop NFT talk.”

Sadly for his old school followers, Milonakis didn’t follow through with the idea. The account has a few tweets from the day he opened it and that’s it. 

And just like that, Andy Milonakis NFT journey turns a month old.

But here’s the reveal. This will make your stomach turn. As it turns out, Andy has spent 7.5 ETH in gas alone!

That’s approximately $26K at today’s prices. In gas alone! Yikes!

Just to clean up the palate, here’s an Andy Milonakis recommendation.

Bear in mind that, as always, this is not financial advice. Do your own research.

That being said, here’s a list of projects that Milonakis is eyeing.

Let’s finish this section with something wholesome, our hero gave away “a mint pass for Gutter Gang species #4.

Didn’t you know the Gutter Gang is doing dogs and pigeons? Damn son, you’re out of the loop.

Bad Ideas And A Really Awful Idea Brewing

Things turn dark and Milonakis threatens the community. Something terrible is coming.

And then Andy makes a promise/ bet that he’s not going to be able to get out of. He might win, though…

And then he… and then he… boiled the hardware wallet that didn’t work? And minted an NFT of the picture? Geez, this man is losing control.

Milonakis also made “a folder in case i have random ideas for one off NFTs.” SPOILER ALERT: He’s going to get ideas. Very soon.

Of course, our hero understands the space. He promises value to his NFT holders. “These random 1 offs are going to be cool when I finally pop out a whole dope series.

Notice that he finishes with “I’m not going anywhere, this is my life now haha.” The Andy Milonakis NFT show was just renewed for season two. Thank you all!

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However, this is when it gets dark. “That’s why I’m selling my Mutant M2 ape for .01 ETH tonight.” Wait… what?

Wait, Andy! Don’t do it! Please, you’re not thinking clearly! This is a terrible idea! You’re going to regret it, don’t do it!

Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion to this saga.

Featured Image: The Andy Milonakis NFT Show logo featuring art by Milonakis himself | Charts by TradingView

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